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Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan
Kevin Hogan's Portfolios
Silk Screen Prints, paper
(6 images)
Hogan has been producing work with silk screen since 1984 when he began working with Tom Little of Brand X Editions, NY.
Paintings, on canvas
(8 images)
These works represent an ongoing exploration of painting post-Fluxmix.
Relief Prints
(10 images)
Hogan uses etched zinc plates, printed multiple times to generate his relief prints.
(9 images)
At the turn of the century, Hogan began to work on wooden panels with printing, painting and mixed media.
(10 images)
Hogan's sensibility is grounded in the graphic.
Studio shots.
(10 images)
Photographs taken in Hogan's studio.
(5 images)
Watercolor is probably the first painting process that Hogan was exposed to as a child. He continues to explore his imagery with this difficult yet vibrant media
Fukushima Field Phenomenon
(6 images)
Oil on poplar panels. 2016. Each work is shown in it's first configuration. panels can be re-arranged into various configurations.
(31 images)
Images for the Esri Map portion of Resident Alien. Spaces April 20th 2018