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in which an explanation is attempted
Art link is an online resource for artists in Asheville. Access to publish content here is by invitation only. You can contact Art Link right here. It's intended as a way to promote the best working artists in the region around Asheville, NC as well as artists that just seem like worth promoting.
snobbish perhaps
This site will not promote just anything. There are standards here.
Studio Tours....
Art Link will attempt to conduct semi-annual studio tours. One in the early Summer and one in the early Fall. In order to particupate in a studio tour, you need to get your name on our list for the next tour. We will take you into the best working studios of Ashevilles hardest working artists. Each tour is limited to 22 people and the cost is $300.00 per person. Tis is a day-long tour, where you will visit at least 6 studios. Lunch is provided and a wine reception concludes the day.  All profits will be donated to the Asheville Art Museum Capital Fund.

if you wish to place your name on the list for our next tour (early summer 2013), send an email here.