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Asheville Art Museum Receives Charlotte Support
posted: November 14, 2012 by Art Link
Pam Myers Receives Capital Fund Donations
Asheville Art Museum Board Member Kevin Hogan was mighty pleased to turn over $2,350 in checks to Executive Director Pam Myers this week. These checks were all raised from the Asheville Party Bus Studio Tour (detailed below this article) in August. Donations came from Marion & John  Andrews, Cheryl & David Carson, Dorcas & Joe Epley, Ronee & David Hagen, Ada & John Nicolay, Cyndee & Robert Patterson, Joan and Robert Zimmerman and Anja and David Zimmerman.

The money goes directly into the Asheville Art Museum Capital Fund, which means that one day it will go towards aquiring works of art for the permanent collection.

Myers, after receiving the fist full of checks said, "The fact that these contributions are coming from a group of Charlotte art lovers is especially meaningful".